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Minecraft maps continue to grow

There is no end to the range of uses for maps – and not just for walking or planning either! Earlier this week, we debuted our coloring maps and now we’re talking about Minecraft maps after seeing two new releases this summer …

It’s been almost two years since OS Minecraft’s map of Great Britain was released, with 22 billion blocks representing our country’s 224,000 square kilometers. In the first months after the release, our Minecraft map was downloaded more than 50,000 times. It even earned us a Guinness World Record as the largest real-world location represented in Minecraft

Last year we updated the map in more detail, bringing it to a staggering 83 billion blocks. Joseph, the creator of the map, used 1:25 000 OS VectorMap District scale to give a smoother, more expansive look that’s closer to real life. He added new features such as local roads, using our internal color grading system, so that highways appear in blue, for example. Water features now appear in more detail; also, so you can see the individual streams and tributaries coming out of the rivers. Forests and groves are now populated with generated trees, and the national railway network has been added.

London shows on our Minecraft map

With over 100 million registered users in the Minecraft community, there is always a demand for new uses for the technology. Joseph’s original map has been highly praised by parents and teachers as a way to engage children in learning about geography. It even inspired the Danish government to produce its own Minecraft map, and there have been two more Minecraft map developments this summer as well.

3D geological models in Minecraft

The British Geological Survey (BGS) reproduced the 2D geology of the British mainland and surrounding islands within the Minecraft world in 2014. Their map showed the OS map data on the surface and the approximate position of the actual geology below, repeated down to the bedrock. This summer, BGS took another step into the world of Minecraft by creating three-dimensional representations of the geology in York, Ingleborough, and West Thurrock. The models show how the geology rises and falls, overlaps and folds, and at different depths. BGS even used the blocks that best resembled the “real” geology, based on color, texture and hardness. For the three-dimensional models they decided to use glass blocks that were coloured with the traditional colours of geological maps.

The BGS Minecraft map showing Ingleborough

Minecraft map of Northern Ireland created
The Land and Property Service (LPS) has produced a Minecraft map for Northern Ireland that can be downloaded free of charge using the Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland (OSNI) digital map products. It consists of over five billion blocks and is equivalent to an area of almost 14,000 km² covering the whole of Northern Ireland. In the month or so since launch, the LPS has seen over 4,300 map downloads. The LPS used custom software developed by our own Joseph Braybrook to create the Minecraft NI map.

Reseñas de Foligray

Foligray Debido a sus increíbles resultados, los individuos empiezan a considerarlo una maravilla para el bienestar del cabello. El artículo es por fin eminente por sus fijaciones normales y clínicamente probadas, que están 100% protegidas y es mejor devorarlas. El artículo es valioso para una amplia gama de cabellos. Los elementos dinámicos de esta mejora ayudan a lograr cabellos gruesos y deliciosos. Con la increíble ayuda de su fijación dinámica, es decir, el complejo de Foligray, puede desarrollar sus pelos a una longitud inconcebible. Además, esto en resultado, le ofrece una total certeza.

Beneficios de Foligray

Todos los ingredientes que están presentes en esta fórmula son altamente efectivos y le dan una serie de beneficios relacionados con el proceso natural de la pigmentación del cabello.

Reseñas de Foligray

Promueve un cabello fuerte, grueso y saludable

  • Evita las canas y la caída del cabello
  • Aliviar el estrés
  • También previene el daño y la rotura del cabello.
  • Además, también promueve el equilibrio hormonal
  • Ayuda a mantener los niveles de catalasa
  • Apoyo para un cabello grueso, fuerte y saludable
  • Mejora la funcionalidad del cerebro

Además, el Foligray se llama también la mezcla renovadora del cabello, que es la mezcla ideal de fijaciones dinámicas. También es responsable de los cabellos más fijos, más largos, más suaves y más beneficiosos. En este sentido, en el caso de que el cabello disminuya, se quede calvo, se rompa o no tenga volumen, en ese momento este tratamiento capilar es sólo para usted.

Funcionamiento del Foligray

Con la presencia de una saludable mezcla de extractos de ingredientes naturales, vitaminas y oligoelementos, el funcionamiento del Foligray se ha hecho más fácil y fuerte entre los usuarios. Además, el Foligray nutre el cuero cabelludo de cada individuo y reenergiza su superficie. Todo el proceso de trabajo de esta fórmula contiene cuatro fases principales que son:

Fase de crecimiento

Esta fase ayuda al cuero cabelludo y a las raíces del cabello a mejorar su crecimiento. Es la fase básica de la producción de cabello y te da resultados duraderos.

Fase de regresión

En esta fase el pelo ya presente se vuelve más fuerte y saludable. Además, proporciona la fuerza para el cuero cabelludo y previene la caída del cabello.

Fase de reposo

Alimenta los folículos inactivos.

Fase de desprendimiento

Y en la etapa final, verán un cuero cabelludo más saludable con cabello fuerte y grueso, así como sin canas. Esta fase también te mostrará que ahora no hay más caída de cabello.


En definitiva, Foligray es la mejor fórmula que existe hoy en día tanto para hombres como para mujeres que quieren tener un cabello grueso, fuerte y saludable. Esta fórmula es adecuada para cada tipo de edad y contiene todos los ingredientes naturales que no sólo son beneficiosos para los problemas del cabello, sino que también le da otros beneficios para la salud. Además, con la ayuda de esta eficaz fórmula, puede nutrir los folículos capilares y la pigmentación del cabello. La fórmula es rentable y se puede comprar fácilmente sólo en el sitio web oficial. Además, puede leer los resultados reales de las personas que han usado esta fórmula antes de tomar cualquier decisión por usted mismo.

Health is mental

WARNING. Don’t let the readers misunderstand the proposal that the title announces. It is not a Paulocoelhian slogan since it does not pretend to say that you can be healthy if you set your mind to it. Nor is it, in the end, a vindication of the notion of well-being that appears in the WHO definition. And even if it were deserving, it is not a cry for the consideration that is still lacking towards people with psychic disorders.

To say that health, conceptually, is a mental matter, implies a whole series of details, which I will try to show succinctly. The objective is to give to understand, as a hypothesis, that health happens in the bosom of a mind; and that this is an entity in the constant formation of itself, composed of a set of internal, interrelated and hierarchical processes.

To illustrate the importance of the problem, I will deviate slightly. In 1991, authors Dahlgren and Whitehead published an article in which they tried to sensitize the political class to the implications of Whitehead’s and Dahlgrenocial’s rainbow inequities on the health of individuals. Their formula will crystallize into a model commonly known as the ‘rainbow’ of Dahlgren and Whitehead. In a way, this must have been a milestone, since by the end of the 1990s and early 2000s the issue of social determinants began to be introduced into Public Health agendas. All this in spite of the fact that something like a paradigm called biopsychosocial was already exposed by psychiatrist George Engel in 1977.

Only regret? Let’s see.

On the one hand, I find

e note that the emphasis on factors that do not fit with classical physiopathology to explain the disease has not, in fact, been a replacement for scientific theory and research methodology. Rather, they have served as “correction coefficients”, which, depending on the author and his context, enjoy greater or lesser relevance or determining force. In other words, and for example: given a case of myocardial infarction, it will be said that a large percentage of it is explained by genetics, another by diabetes and hypertension, and yet another by his job (if he has one) and the location of his home (if he owns one). What in the eyes of many is a sort of reconsideration of something important, sounds to me like churros con merinas, among other metaphors. Hey, guys! You forgot my social factor! Include it with the rest!

On the other hand, it happens that, in my opinion, there is a lack of knowledge about theoretical formulations that we could call integrative or totalizing. I will not enter into conspiracies about whether this ignorance is deliberate or not. Let us leave it at that it seems, with some not so exceptional exceptions, that the scientific community does not pay attention to what in other places and other moments have been developed in such a fundamental matter for all this as causality. And there are rivers of ink on this. Good and bad.

Outline of the realized purpose

Figure illustrating the complexity involved in eating lettuce. In Hegel’s Dialectics, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (2016).

In order not to entangle more than what is already entangled, it does not seem convenient to entertain the numerous paths, both known and unknown, that appear on the horizon that we propose. Among the essential ones that should be mentioned, let us leave it at that, of course, we should start with Aristotle.

However, due to the closeness of time and field (to a certain extent), it is worth spending a few minutes on the British intellectual Gregory Bateson. This author, whose studies and contributions reach greater completeness towards the seventies, was significantly influenced by General Systems Theory, Cybernetics and Information Theory, Logical Types and Set Theory, and the poetry of William Blake. In a lecture given in January 1970, he stated, among other things, that a forest is a mind. And here we begin to see a little bit of the crux.

Bateson’s scheme for determining the temperature of the room

Bateson’s diagram illustrates the hierarchy of determination of the temperature of a heated room. In > (2002).

But what is a mind? Even today, those who pretend to answer are given a lot of wafers. Committing the sin of wanting to summarize it to the extreme, we will propose here that Bateson is notably inspired by the concept of System, understanding it then as a whole, composed of parts, and which in turn is part of a superjacent whole; the parts of which it is composed, are potentially also systems (or minds); the mind should not be understood according to the rules that operate on its individual parts, but on itself as the conjunctive whole. And, not least, the mind makes and keeps itself, through all these multiple relationships.

Exposed so hastily it can be confusing. In any case, it is not superfluous to say that his best-known work is called Steps Towards an Ecology of Mind. Nor shall we say any more what the relationship between the terms Spirit and Mind gives rise to (not to mention the German word Geist…). However, it is enough to point out how fundamental it is to adequately resolve if an event (such as a cause) occurs at one level or another; that is, if they belong, in Bateson’s terms, to one or another mental process.

Unfortunately and fortunately, we have to recapitulate. Since all excursus is but the medium ground for an approach, would it not be a theoretical error to consider, tacitly or explicitly, that social transformations occur at the same level as physiological transformations? Would it not be appropriate to inquire into the hierarchization of the causal or determinative levels, whatever and however? Otherwise, we run the risk of falling into the paradox of Epimenides, which, being at the same time both a liar and a sincere person, serves as an analogy for what is at once the part and the whole, society, and individual.

Because health being what it is (that is), we do know that it is given and taken away in the members of a society and in itself. And society is a mind.

Boost Immunity with Homemade Medicinal Elderberry Syrup

“Conserve some for me!” I screamed to the birds on my way back from the river. I don’t typically start my days yelling at pets, yet that morning they occurred to be pecking away at dark berries nestled in a tall bush, berries that I was wishing to choose later that week to make a syrup effective sufficient to chase away a cold or influenza; Elderberries

If you ‘d asked me at one decade old what I thought of elderberries, I would certainly have informed you what I understood in my persistent heart to be real … Elderberries profane. Whenever my mother made me take elderberry cast, I ‘d get sick. That was simply a fact. It took some years to understand that instead of creating the health problem, elderberries were in fact helping to relieve the symptoms, and additionally, quicken my healing process. I didn’t realize I was currently on the cusp of some cool, or belly insect, as kids regularly are, however naturally, my mommy understood much better. Coughing right here, a stomach ache there as well as we were sent out to the medicine cupboard. A young mind, nonetheless, associated 2 things: Elderberries, and also illness.

Luckily, I no longer feel that way. My brand-new point of view holds that a life without elderberries would be a challenging life undoubtedly. This period was the initial in which I’ve had an extra hands-on strategy to the harvesting process, which only furthered my recognition of the shrubs themselves. For the gathering, I had to crawl along fallen tree trunks, through dense areas of jewelweed, and also, as earlier stated, fight off the birds.

Any herbal overview you obtain your hands on will certainly applaud elderberry for its capability to eliminate the acute rhinitis and also influenza, reduce the size of the disease and improve the basic signs and symptoms Surprisingly enough, I’ve located that modern science will say the very same thing. Numerous studies (as pointed out listed below) have actually shown that elderberry syrup is especially good at battling the flu. Across the board, people were recuperating faster than those not taking the syrup (1) and in one situation, elderberry, as well as echinacea combination, was as efficient as a conventional medication when taken at the earliest signs of health issues (3 ). It turns out that elderberries have particular compounds that hinder infections from entering your cells, and additionally works to combat the virus from within throughout later phases of disease (4 ). That’s why it’s commonly suggested that you take a type of elderberry at the very first signs of a cold or influenza, so as to avoid any type of additional spread of the infection.

The numerous approaches of medication making develop something for everybody. I personally prefer the elderberry syrup to the tincture, as it is sweeter and also can be taken with tea. The syrup process occurs in two steps, initially producing the initial elderberry juice, after that incorporating it with honey to create the syrup.

My Mama De-stemming the Elderberries.

Elderberry Juice1. Put elderberries (off the stem) in a crockpot as well as full of water till berries are just covered

  • Allow sitting for 1 day on low
  • Strain and container up the juices (the staying pulp can be composted (we fed ours to the poultries)).
  • Can the jars if you made a huge set (this assists to protect it for longer). Otherwise, miss this action.

Time to make syrup!

There are numerous recipes around so feel free to experiment and also discover the one that works ideal for you. Our recipe is as adheres to;.

Elderberry Syrup.


2 mugs elderberry juice.
1/2 cup honey.
2 tbsp brandy.


  1. Warm the elderberry juice and also honey together, do not boil – just incorporate.
  2. Eliminate from warm and also add brandy.
  3. Continue to stir for 30 seconds.

That’s it! While bottling this syrup, remember that honey works out as it cools down, so it’s best to make use of a ladle as well as a scoop from the bottom up, or else your bottles will certainly do not have consistency, with some being much sweeter than others. However, I talk from experience right here.

Final Product – Elderberry Syrup.

This season’s elderberries were available in handy in several circumstances of near-sickness throughout the cold season. Residing in a ranch shop where loads of people come and go day-to-day makes it that much easier for me and the family to get sick. I’m happy for that spot of dark berried shrubs put behind a small forest of jewelweed on the edge of our course. I’m thankful for the animals that help distribute the seeds and produce more spots just like this set for others to take pleasure in as well as take advantage of. On our 3rd and last day of harvesting, berry-stained and also exhilarated, my mama suggested we take them all, but, in the spirit of reciprocity, I opted to leave some for the birds.

What Helps Hemorrhoids

Typical treatment of the piles is nonspecific, tending to deal only with signs of pain, what do hemorrhoids appear like, bleeding, itching, and inflammation. The surgeries are turned to for the most crucial conditions. Corrective treatment regularly includes improvement of bowel function through the administration of moderate laxatives and stool conditioners to decrease constipation.

A physician’s see is suggested if bleeding occurs, given that the condition might or might not be an outcome of hemorrhoids, and might show colon cancer or other intestinal problem. To ease the discomfort related to piles, sitz baths, and nonprescription hemorrhoid preparations are advised on a short-term basis.

Workout, a high-fiber diet plan, try “Easy Hemorrhoids Cure” is the holistic system around that will reveal you how to treat hemorrhoids (see Easy Hemorrhoids Cure Reviews) completely and the taking of laxatives under a physician’s care are suggested as means to help manage and relieve pressure on the veins. Treatments to eliminate piles such as banding, cryosurgery, or injection are discussed. The kind of therapy is typically determined by the type of hemorrhoid www.venaprobuy come across.

External piles and internal hemorrhoids treatment.

This treatment can consist of an increase in dietary fiber and a boost in water consumption, routine exercise, and a reduction in dietary fats. The sales brochure likewise briefly describes surgical natural treatments for hemorrhoids, including sclerotherapy, infrared coagulation, and banding procedures. (See How to treat stacks by medical treatment).

Natural treatment for external piles.

  • External hemorrhoids treatment prepares to concentrate on steps that the patient can follow at home, consisting of sitz baths (See Sitz bath for hemorrhoids), nonprescription medications, and healthy bowel practices. external hemorrhoid treatment.
  • External hemorrhoid treatment.
  • Increasing fluid consumption and undertaking regular exercise.
  • If you do not get enough fiber in your diet plan or need an additional fiber increase, take the psyllium or flaxseeds. You can take psyllium supplements to treat it,
  • Try a lotion containing herb St John’s wort assists to diminish swollen tissues. You can take St John’s wort cream to treat it,
  • Treatment for external piles bleeding.

When the physician confirms a medical diagnosis of bleeding or swollen piles, external hemorrhoids treatment alternatives can be checked out. For many individuals, a change in diet plan and level of activity is the only treatment that may be required.

Moderate cases of external hemorrhoids could be treated with conservative means; however extreme cases are dealt with by surgical procedures. For others, treatment at the medical professional’s office or surgery might be necessary. Maintaining a healthy, high fiber diet plan, which eases irregularity and relieves the digestion procedure, is the very best method to prevent bleeding or inflamed hemorrhoids.